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The birth and Identity of Moses in the 12th dynasty

Moses was born in the 12th dynasty of Egypt. The Israelites were forced to make mud bricks by the pharaohs of this dynasty. Pyramids of the 12th dynasty had an inner core made of mudbricks. There is evidence of a mass exodus of foreign slaves in the 12th dynasty at Kahun. Amenemhet III, the son of Sesostris III is most likely the Pharaoh who ordered that the Hebrew children be killed at birth by the midwives. Sobeknefru, his daughter or sister adopted Moses after finding him amongst the reeds of the Nile in a basket. Moses would have become the next Pharaoh (Amenemhet IV) and seems to have co-reigned with Amenemhet III for 9 years before he had to flee to Midian after killing an Egptian. Sobekneferu became the Pharaoh when Amenemhet died. Sobeknefru reigned almost 4 yrs before she died and so ended the 12th dynasty. A number of pharaohs followed in quick succession until Neferhotep in the 13th dynasty. Neferhotep was the Pharaoh who Moses confronted when he returned to Egypt 40 yrs after fleeing to Midian. Moses then lead the Israelites (numbering around 2 million) out of Egypt, thru the Red Sea into Arabia where they received the Law at Mt Sinai (Jabel Laws).

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Sobeknefru adopted Moses. Moses had to flee to Midian at the age of 40. Sobeknefru had no other children to inherit the throne. When she died, the 12th dynasty came to an end.

Sobeknefru. Daughter of Amenemhet III. The First Queen of Egypt. Foster mother of Moses. Last Pharaoh of the 12th dynasty of Egypt.

Sobeknefru - The daughter or sister of Amenemhet III. The Princess who found baby Moses in a basket amongst the reeds of the Nile. Her father/brother Amenemhet III had directed the Egyptian midwives to kill all Hebrew children. As she had no children of her own, she adopted Moses and raised him as an Egyptian. When Moses fled to Midian, there was nobody to inherit the throne. Sobeknefru became the Queen of Egypt after Amenemhet III died. She ruled for up to 8 years. When she died the 12th dynasty Ended.

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