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Could Moses and Amenemhet IV have been the same person?

The Pharaoh of Moses had a daughter and no sons.  Amenemhet III had a daughter (Sobekneferu) and no sons to inherit the throne and continue the dynasty.

The Pharaoh of Moses reigned for at least 40 years as it was the same pharaoh from Moses birth to his Exile at 40 yrs.  Amenemhet III reigned for 46 yerars.

The Pharaoh of Moses had a big need for mud bricks.  Amenemhet III built two pyramids (Hawara & Dashur) and The Labyrinth (Hawara) which were composed mainly of mud bricks.

The Pharaoh of Moses reigned towards the end of the Israelites’ oppression.  Amenemhet III‘s pyramid at Hawara was the last of the Great Pyramids to be built.

The Pharaoh of Moses reign ended around 40 years before the Exodus.  Archaologist Flinders Petrie found a workers village at Kahun which was occupied from the time of Sesostris II to Neferhotep INeferhotep I reigned about 30-40 years after Amenemhet III.  The village appeared to have been suddenly vacated.

The Pharaoh of Moses’s daughter adopted a child. Amenemhet IV had no records of his birth in Egyptian records.  Sobekneferu is often cited as the wife sister of Amenemhet IV although there is no evidence to substantiate this.

Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s House Hold by the Princess as her own and hence Moses was an heir to the throne but was never the Pharaoh who reigned.

Amenemhet IV never reigned over Egypt by himself but he did co-reign with Amenemhet III for 9 yrs.

Moses suddenly disappeared at the Age of 40 years.  Amenemhet IV also suddenly disappeared.

The Jews were slaves for half of their time in Egypt (the first 200 yrs was for multiplication and then they were slaves for the next 200 yrs).  The 12th dynasty lasted about 200 yrs.

The Jews had to make mud bricks that contained straw.  There were millions of Jews and they served as slaves for 200 years.   That is a lot of mud bricks!!  The Pyramids of the 12th dynasty and The Labyrinth were made out of mud bricks containing straw.  The 12th dynasty pyramids only had a limestone facing / veneer which no longer exists.

Who else could have made all these mud bricks?

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